Crazy Canucks

First and foremost I find it is a good idea to keep things separate from your personal email.

Sign up for three emails; Yes I said three

  • Email 1- Blogs, coupon sites, Samples,and your facebook.
  • Email 2 - Surveys and money opportunities.
  • Email 3- Your personal blog (if you have one), account and paypal.
Sign up as a new user on facebook. It is best to keep your personal facebook  account and coupon saver separate or your page will be a mess trying to  sort out coupons and family.

Create a blog (Using your third email). Now why I say third email is because when someone posts you will know it immediately without having to wade threw all the other emails. Also this keeps Amazon info and Paypal info in a business like email.

I check E1 every morning and see what is new, the specials and what other bloggers have found in great coupons. Print out the ones I would use bypass the others. I also check who won the contests that bloggers put on for everyone. Who knows I may have won something.

Now you are probably saying but I am Canadian I can't find coupons like Americans. Well yes you can, things may be a bit different you may not pay zero for groceries but you can buy $100.00 and pay only $60.00 a nice 40% savings.

Ways to find Canadian coupons

Grocery coupons Canada has stores, coupons and places to buy with percentage off.

Now here is an easy way to get coupons mailed/emailed to you head over to your favorite products homepage and sign up for the news letters(use your Email 1 for this) . Here is a few.

Magzines that are for Canadians with Canadian coupons check out this blog for your picks. You can even order them to be put on your Rogers bill.

Some great bloggers to follow are

There are many more when you join these few you will notice others posting about their sites. Also some will offer contests for uniquely Canadians join them, free items surprises or gift cards are fun.

  • If you wish to earn gift cards or paypal fast and easy without spending hours on a survey for pennies check out swagbucks. You can earn fast and easy by watching videos, answering polls and yes even surveys if you wish. 
  • Win prizes at My daughter won paypal cash. I won $25. toys R us card.

Free Coupons Canada
Cool Canucks Canada

If you are a Crazy Canuck couponer leave a comment below with your web address so my family and friends across the border can find you.