My mailbox and wins.

Some think what a scam but it is not so. I use the companies and find out first. I also won contests and received my prizes. These are some of the things I have entered and won. I  have received my gifts/prizes from all of them.

Been a bit lax on posting my freebies but I received a lot of free stuff . Now January has arrived let me tell you this weeks freebies.

From This mama loves her bargains a Victoria Secret gift card for $35. dollars. I will use it for new PJs since mine are really old.

I won a prize pack from Mom Blog Society but forgot what was in it will post it when it arrives.

I won a $250. Visa card from Retail me not. You can find great coupons and have a fun time on forums. Who knows what you will come away with.

Pssst sent me coupons for a new product from Ocean spray. They are a General Mills company. Sign up and get random freebies and coupons sent for you to try items.

I won a beautiful feathered wreath from Wreath haven
 Sept 19th 2011
Woman's day, Woman's day Halloween edition( got these free during a deal), Check from Pinecone research, Coupons for Wonderful pistachios(wrote the company and told them how my husband loves their product)

Sept 17th 2011
A credit for reading a book and answering how I enjoyed it and a Steviacane sample. (small day)

Sept 16th 2011
In my mail- Bag I purchased from Open sky with my rewards(sign up and they email you codes now and then I got one for 20 dollars. Bag was 14 and they take S&H from credit code). A check from Pinecone research, Book from a winning, Screen cleaner. and a product to try and answer about it for a survey.