Coupon sites

  • First and foremost visit the sites of products you use regularly. Let them know how much you like or were unsatisfied with their product. Sometimes they will randomly send you coupons for big savings or free offers.
  • Newspapers are a good place to find coupons. I buy 2-3 every Sunday depending on what is in them. I verify by checking a blogger that is close to my home. 
  • If you have a favorite restaurant head to their site and see if they have a newsletter. You sign up and sometimes they will send you deals by email.
  • Also when you are in your doctors or dentists office let them know you use coupons. Often manufactures will give them coupons for their patients. I received mouthwash, toothpaste and many more coupons for products I use. If you don't use them check out these sites and trade them for ones you do us. Coupon Swap,  Christine's Coupon Swap .

Electronic coupons

Saving star is where Coupons added directly to your card, no printing out or worrying if you lost it. Just sign up, chose your store card and add it to your list, chose your coupons and done.

Shortcuts he easiest way to save at the grocery store. Electronic Coupons load directly onto your participating store savings cards and are automatically deducted at the checkout when you swipe your card. They also have printable coupons on their site and cash back for shopping online.

Purchasing coupons may be an answer for you if can't find what you want. I found a site that is fast on delivery, has a ton of coupons and willing to put extra time in to help you out. Check out  Coupon beatand find what you need.