Monday, September 26, 2011

Brita deal

Walgreens Brita water jug 10.00

Coupon for $5.00 off when you sign up at Filter for good "Sign up here"

Then fill out the rebate for 10.00 back on this link.. A money maker and clean water all in one.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Walgreens ad sales

  • Campbell's soup 79 cents each

    • Fun size butterfingers, M&M and more 2/$5.00
    • 2/$1.00

      • Herbal essense hair care 2/$6.00
      • P&G Insert (8/28/2011) 2/$1.00
      • RP Insert (8/7/2011) 1/$1.00
      • Plus a RR $2.00 (limit one)

        Edge and skintamate shave gel Buy one get one 50% off  1/.75

        Saturday, September 17, 2011

        giveaways and freebies I signed up for

        Cafe mom is giving you a chance at a $500 dollar gift card and on sign up page a $1.00 off Ovaltine. The childhood memories.

        Thursday, September 15, 2011

        Supper tonight

        I make inexpensive meals for my family trying to stay healthy but tasty.

        2 Cans of tomatoes (.99 ch) Q= (2)1/.50 my Store doubles FREE
        2 Ragu sauce (1.25) = Q= 2/$1.00 +mega event - .50 on jar .25 each
        spices to flavoring (free samples from online)
        Ground turkey manager special cost for this portion .50
        Ronzoni Pasta 1.00 each= Q= 2/.50 Store doubled  Mega event - .50 off each FREE
        Grated baby carrots 1.00 each = Mega even .50 off .50 bag used 1/2 bag so .25
        Total = $1.75 plus the extra sauce this makes is for freezing for following week.

        Salad bag of fresh express Free from Vocal point

        I add all ingredients in crock pot, grate the half bag of carrots to remove acid from tomatoes (much healthier then sugar being added. let cook on low heat for about 4 hours.


        Monday, September 12, 2011

        This weeks savings.

        I am going to try and blog daily about my savings, deals, things I receive in the mail and so forth. I will also post some links to bargins I find or savings at stores. I enjoy what I am doing and wish to share it with followers.

        I am also going to post of life status. Things go crazy in my home but it is a good crazy because each day I survive the insanity is a new day to follow.

        Yesterday I headed over to CVS to get into the sales this was my shopping list

        First cashout
        1 soft soap $2.99
        2 Absolutely devine cookies 2/$5.00
        1Illy issimo $2.89
        1 Milk $3.19
        1 Nabisco cookie $2.50
        2 Laundry soap Purex $1.49 each
        2 Cottonelle $2.99 each
        1 Touch of grey for men9.50
        Total before coupons $35.03

        Coupons I had were
        • 1 soft soap .75
        • 1 Illy issimo Facebook freebie
        • 1 buy milk and nabisco cookies get $1.00 off Facebook freebie
        • 1 Nabisco cookie (freebie from CVS machine 2.50 off)
        • 1 $5/$25 CVS coupon (check Sign in and you can add to card if it is there.
        •  1 Touch of grey freebie coupon (facebook freebie)

        • Total after coupons and deals 13.39 plus $1.49 tax-$7.00 RR from previous week. OOP 7.88 but wait Just for men has a mail in rebate making $9.50 cash back by mail

        • RRs from purchases $2.00 on soft soap, $3.00 from absolute devine cookies
        Second order
        2 newspapers
        1 coffee filter
        Total 4.99 - RR from first order brought the total to free  but for the 6 cents tax

        My next deal was I earned gift codes from Swagbucks which helped me purchase my sons school supplies. Cost before cards $44.00 after cards $2.00 . I earned them fast and easy, watching videos, doing polls and following them on facebook.

        Search & Win