Friday, January 13, 2012

Tired but surviving

You would find that a strange title but it goes with who I am. I am a stay at home stepmom and caregiver. My husband is terminally ill with something called NAFLD( Non alcoholic fatal liver disease) and because of this he is on insulin 3 times a day plus 6 pills twice a day. His liver is slowly dying and the only cure is a full transplant.

What makes this hard is we both were hard working people with good jobs and now we are down to his disability. I would like to work but complications make that impossible. I need to make sure my husband eats, takes his meds and doesn't get confused. Stressing but better then the alternative.

We live in a house that belonged to his mom when we had to cut back on things we decided it was the best place for us to live. It came with problems,the AC died at the end of summer, we are using a stove with two burners and that has an oven with a bad personality and needs a push every now and then. Our bathroom is a mess, walls starting to come unglued and falling apart. A Computer that works when it wants to and some days the hard drive cries (I will cry when it dies).

Am I asking for pity? No I am content that I have a roof over my head, a husband that is still alive with the grace of a higher power. I am happy that my husband's ex-wife allowed my stepson to spend the year with us so my husband can spend time with him. I argue with my stove but it has two burners which is better then nothing. I am happy we have food in our house, bills get paid even if I can't get those extras.

I coupon and thanks to so many bloggers helping their fans I save a lot of money and we eat well and it helps keep our bills paid. Thanks to some people I met I receive coupons to help me on my journey. I learned places to make some extra cash like Swagbucks  (Join if you can it helps me a lot.)and have been able to keep supplies up.  Before I learned all this I was trying to figure out how I was going to feed my family but now things are stabilizing and I am not afraid to open the cupboards and fridge. I know we will eat tomorrow.

I am so thankful when I see bloggers raising stockpiles to give to the needy because I was once living day to day and some of those hungry and depressing.

What made me write this about myself is I listened to someone complaining about people at the food bank and calling them lazy. Well my husband and I are not lazy but you look at us both from the outside we look okay. My husband is thin but if you don't know him you would think that is the way he is, but he is not just thin he is dying. He used to be a Mechanical Engineer and I a Customer service rep now we are just two people trying to survive with very little, but we survive and will keep trying to surviving till tomorrow.

By the way if you live in my area and don't use your Sunday coupon inserts I accept them all happily. It is like Christmas when I find neighbors that have put inserts in my mailbox or at my door.

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