Thursday, September 15, 2011

Supper tonight

I make inexpensive meals for my family trying to stay healthy but tasty.

2 Cans of tomatoes (.99 ch) Q= (2)1/.50 my Store doubles FREE
2 Ragu sauce (1.25) = Q= 2/$1.00 +mega event - .50 on jar .25 each
spices to flavoring (free samples from online)
Ground turkey manager special cost for this portion .50
Ronzoni Pasta 1.00 each= Q= 2/.50 Store doubled  Mega event - .50 off each FREE
Grated baby carrots 1.00 each = Mega even .50 off .50 bag used 1/2 bag so .25
Total = $1.75 plus the extra sauce this makes is for freezing for following week.

Salad bag of fresh express Free from Vocal point

I add all ingredients in crock pot, grate the half bag of carrots to remove acid from tomatoes (much healthier then sugar being added. let cook on low heat for about 4 hours.


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